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About Us

Honey is an organization dedicated to supporting survivors of sexual trauma through providing online platforms and in-person spaces for survivors and their allies to connect, converse and create community.

Our Story

Honey was founded by survivors, for survivors following the realization that sexual trauma is not a rare occurrence, but a global pandemic impacting all genders, ethnicities, faiths, sexualities, and abilities. After years of silence and suffering post-assault, we found the courage to speak out about our experiences. As we shared our stories, we were emboldened to break through the destructive cultural taboos that so often suppress survivors. In the summer of 2015, Honey was created as a space to enable others to also find power and transformation in expressing their truth. 


A truth is an expression of an experience with sexual trauma. Truth sharing helps alleviate shame imposed on survivors and combats the silence that enables rape culture and continued perpetration of violence. Both survivors and their loved ones are encouraged to express their own experiences surrounding sexual trauma, which serves both as a vehicle to inward healing and outward change.

Survivor Dinners

Honey provides intimate gatherings for survivors and allies designed to provide a safe space for individuals with a desire to learn from and support one another. This unique environment allows attendees to candidly discuss the diverse spectrum of survivorship in a compassionate and empowering setting. Honey gatherings establish lasting communities and systems of support.

What We Do

our team

Our Team

Honey is run and operated by a team of volunteers made up of survivors and advocates with backgrounds in peace studies, social policy, human rights, law, journalism, art and design. Interested in joining us? Reach out below.

Engagements & Recognitions

September 2015

Panelists at The Hunting Ground Screening at SLCC

October 2015

Feminism is for Everybody: A Conference on Intersectionality in SLC

April 2016

Rape Awareness Event at BYU

April 2016

UCASA Sexual Assault Awareness Month Award Recipients

October 2017

Panelists at The Voiceless Screening at UVU

March 2017

International Women's Day Panel at Brandeis University

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