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To the man whom I swiped right with on one of the billion dating apps: no, I do not want to have sex with you.

To the man who catcalled me as I was filling my car up with gas: no, it's not flattering that you find me attractive from a distance but too baby enough to talk to me.

To the man who dropped me the moment I told him I wouldn't be his friend with benefits: you just lost the opportunity of knowing a really cool and beautiful friend

TO EVERY MAN EVER ON EARTH: your insensitivity and objectifying actions just hurt the woman who IS a rape survivor. 

While us rape survivors try hard to get through and seek healing, your actions set us back from recovery. 

Your words trigger panic and fear that are more painful than you can ever imagine. Your simple need of pleasure evokes the darkest of complex thoughts that tie us down to my bed for a few days, maybe weeks. Your immature sexual desires make us fear that there are no good men in the world. Because of your unawareness, women all around you fear walking outside the house, going to school, work or a social event.


Next time you hit up a woman for a "booty call", realize she has feelings, she has desires, and she has her own story. Never assume that a woman is or willing to give up her body for a moment of pleasure. Too many women are rape survivors, not victims, that we need to be aware of our actions. We need to go back to the 1800's where women were praised and treated with the upmost respect. Giving so may lead you to bigger and better prizes than just a one night stand. Women are one of the greatest and most prized possessions on earth, treat them like that.

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