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Two years ago,

My innocence was taken,

Ripped away by a stranger,

My soul in one hand,

My body in the other,

Used for his pleasure,

Afterwards discarded,

Dignity destroyed,

A young girl raped.

But this is not where my story ends, rather it's the beginning. Although I still struggle with PTSD, I have found a life with purpose. I now study my passion—politics, with the hopes to one day create change in areas of sexual assault and gender inequality. I have found, the kindest, most caring and wonderful friends. I have grown closer to my family than ever before. I have fallen in love. And most importantly I have learned to live life through both the good and the bad days. So to you reading this just know the future is so much brighter than it seems. Be patient with yourself, for nothing in nature blooms all year.

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