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She got away with it for two years, the constant touching. She was twice my size and very aggressive, and she'd do it nearly everyday, weekends and holidays being my break for the most part. When I told the school counselor, she called me a liar and told me to stop going on about it because it was a joke.

Four months after I reported it, my male friend who wanted to "hang out" one day raped me in a church, a place of god. He knew about her he knew what she had done to me. He knew I was very injured. He was violent and took to violent methods to keep me silent and from fighting.

I told a friend and for some reason she wanted all the details so she could imagine it had happened to her, because she fancied him. After raping me and me no longer wanting to be near me, he began relentlessly bullying me and then hung out with my old molester and her friends. It was two years ago but I still cry when I hear church bells.

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