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I have a story to share where Honey has affected change in the right direction. I am a school principal and the mother of a daughter who experienced sexual assault. Middle school is often a time when kids begin to experience sexual feelings and begin to display their sexuality. It is in middle schools where we begin to see public displays of affection, which is prohibited in most schools, including mine. Recently I had an experience where two middle school students involved themselves in sexual interaction with each other which warranted the involvement of the principal (me). Due to Honey and the organization's education on consent, I approached the conversation with these young students differently than I have in the past. Although disciplinary actions had to be taken, I also took the opportunity to educate the students on consent, how to ask and how to answer. Later, I witnessed these two students discussing consent and apologizing to each other for their actions. For me to witness middle school students using the word "consent" and demonstrating an understanding of it made me appreciative of the efforts of the Honey organization and the effect it will have on preventing sexual assault. Had I taught these lessons to my daughter and if these lessons were taught by the parent (or school) of the assaulter, perhaps the event my own daughter experienced would have never happened.

Thank you for establishing Honey and providing education in preventing sexual assault. You are making a difference that is reaching many people, including the student body of my school. Keep up the important work!

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