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My rapist wasn't a stranger on the streets. He was my friend. It was my 21st birthday and all of my friends were throwing a BBQ at the park for me. We went and bought drinks and of course I started drinking early in the evening at his house with everyone else. I only had one drink and I don't remember finishing it. The next thing I knew I was in his bed and he was taking my clothes off of me. I was crying. I kept saying no over and over but he kept going. I tried pushing him off me but I couldn't move. I laid there crying and unable to even lift my arms while he did what he pleased. It was my 21st birthday, I should have been waking up to a hangover, instead I didn't sleep at all. Three months later and I am still trying to learn to love myself again and accept the fact that it wasn't my fault. If it wasn't for this organization I wouldn't have known what to do after. So thank you Honey for giving me a number to call and helping me check myself into the hospital after.

Hopefully I'll gain the courage to finally tell my parents and go out publicly eventually to help other girls like me.

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