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Numbness fills my body, like a tranquilizer was fired Between my legs, at my heart, in my soul, skimming my mouth. “N-O, no.” I find the courage to say.  “It’s only the tip, babe.” Bang. Pow.  Another shot fires - I’m losing power and he’s filling up with desire.  I sigh, “Baby, stop. This is too much, you see.” but he proceeds to interrupt, insisting he loves me,  But actions speak louder than words and his are as sound asleep as my voice. The three words whispered leave me no other choice.

Time passes, but I’m lost in the same place. Mouth shut, ass up, turned down face Bang. Pow. Pop.  The deed is done – his time is up.  I see my glassy-eyed reflection upon gulping down the devil’s cup.  He inquires if I’m sad, my translucent gaze catching his eyes.  Yes, absolutely – and it’s much to his demise.  Empty words, a careless stroke-and Shhh. I hope nobody can tell I feel broken.

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