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In 1974, I was raped by an angry man. I had met him while out dancing with friends and believed his sob story about not having a place to stay, so I offered him the floor in our house. He hung around with my friends, he came and went. One night he came home drunk (and whatever else) and started yelling and accusing me of sleeping with one of my roommates. there were people sleeping so I said that we needed to go outside to talk. we went in our camper And he raped me. He told me not to try to get away. I was so terrified, and kept waiting for him to fall asleep and unhand me. By morning I slipped back into the house and told my roommates. He took off first.

For a few months, my roommates went with me everywhere I went. I ran into him once when i was out with a girlfriend and he threw a beer in my face. the bouncers kicked him out, but he said he had a contract on me. To this day I don't know why we didn't get the cops involved.

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