Fire Flies



The wound comes back

Core wound to feel safe, feel space, be yourself. Feel free.

Safe, to be yourself


Infinite space

Womb space

Everyday feel womb space Happiness


PTSD, trauma

It's a soft spot a break in your energy

A tear in your aura

You run, to run free

It's a weakness

It holds you back

"You're not safe here"

You immediately recoil. Coil back down. Small. Make yourself small.

You reach out for others but they are out of your grasp

You can't run like them

You can't run with them

You run but you're out of breath faster, you cramp you feel pain

SAFE. I want Safe. I want Secure. I want Peace.

Peace is not here.

It leaks out of your spleen. The peace you knew has been leaking out of your spleen.

Everyone knows it. Everyone can sense it.

Exhausted. 17 years.


Give up. It's time to give up. Until. a tiny point of light? Tiny inspirations keep you

moving. Authentic inspirations.

Or distractions? You or me?




Where are the inspirations? Those are safe and secure. Keep chasing those fire flies? The tiny inspirations.