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My name is Gabriella. When I was fifteen I was kidnapped by my best friend's 30 year old brother. I was drugged, abused, and raped multiple times. On the second day I remember feeling so sick, more sick then I have ever felt. I was so scared. Why would someone continue to abuse and rape someone when they see the pain and distress it causes them? The police found me the next day and arrested me—yes, that's right, me.

They treated me as if I had run away. I couldn't even speak because I was so drugged. They handcuffed me while my accuser was still in the room where he had kept me. We drove hours to the station where I threw up in a cell waiting for men to interrogate me. I still could not put into words what happened to me. They were filming, recording, and taking notes. They terrified me. I cried and begged them to stop. They were so mean. I was then transported again to another interrogation.

Finally some light came into my dark world. After the interrogations I was sent to a doctor and some nurses. My angels. They cared for me and walked me through everything as if they loved me as their own. They cleaned me up and held me as I cried. They told me my parents were coming. I panicked. I begged her not to let them see me. She calmed me. Finally when I saw my loving parents they cried and hugged me. How grateful I am for the love they showed me.

The years after were harder than the days I spent in his possession. I still struggle but I have learned to love myself and ask for help when I need it. Share your truth, it helps. I love you all. There is always light even in the darkest times. Hope my story helps someone. Your stories help me heal.

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