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I hope one day you will understand. I hope you will understand the innocence you took from me, the strength you stole, the self worth you smashed right in front of me when you drove away that night leaving me on the cold concrete driveway not wanting to go into MY OWN HOME because I was so ashamed to face the reality of what you did to me. 

One day I hope you understand that my life is forever changed by what you did to me.

But then I come to the realization that you never will. Someone who could take everything from me is also someone that would never understand the significance of what you stole so brutally from me.

I changed my mind. I hope you never understand what you put me through because then the hardness of your heart would be seen so clearly and I want to believe people are good. I don't want you to steal that belief from me like you did everything else.

I forgive you. But I do it for ME. I need to do something for ME now, so I forgive you because not forgiving you is killing all the good I hope for in people. I don't want to believe that people can be that sick and terrible. So I am forgiving you for that reason only.

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