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We Believe (In) You.

Honey is an organization dedicated to supporting survivors of sexual trauma through providing online platforms and in-person spaces for survivors and their allies to connect, converse, and create community. 


Honey began as an online platform for survivors to share their experiences surrounding sexual violence and healing. We named this process Truth sharing and have since collected hundreds of Truths from survivors and their loved ones all over the world. 


Truth sharing helps alleviate shame imposed on survivors and combats the silence that enables rape culture and continued perpetration of violence.

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Survivor Dinners

Honey hosts intimate gatherings designed to provide a safe space for individuals with a desire to learn from and support one another. This unique environment allows attendees to candidly discuss the diverse spectrum of survivorship in a compassionate and empowering setting. Honey gatherings establish lasting communities and systems of support.

"I had no idea what to expect, and when I first sat down, I thought, 'There's no way I'm saying a word among all of these strangers.' Within only minutes, though, I was put completely at ease. Things that were shared resonated so deeply within me. Parts of me that I never knew needed healing were healed. The shame that so frequently tries to engulf me was silenced, and instead I felt empowered to speak openly."


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What is
Sexual Assault?

What is Consent?


Here you will find a list of trusted resources that can help survivors and their loved ones—whether that be immediately or years after sexual trauma occurs.

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Your generosity directly supports survivors and their loved ones. Help Honey grow by donating today.

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